Monthly Archives: July 2013

Blackbirds Singing

Playing with brushes in Painter 13, X3 ~ I love to scribble! Just added this to the category “PhotoView full post »

Morning Greeting

Sadly, this heritage oak died.  It will be cut down below deck level and decked over.  All week this has been the viewView full post »


Crazy days here ~ electricians working, construction guys working, tech support working on wiring and more.  GarageView full post »

New Work Space

The new work space ~ a shared office area ~ cabinets come out, desk goes in where the cabinets are on the left, theView full post »

I’m Back

I am back, but only part time while I sort through things here.  Internet was just restored this afternoon and IView full post »

Susies in the Sun

I couldn’t stand it one more minute ~ I took a break and played with pixels!  I’m losing my 5 acres ofView full post »

Blue Line Membership Medley

This work was juried into the Membership Medley Show at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville ~ show opens tonight andView full post »

Heading Down The Highway

You’ve been down this road before, I’m sure ~ the road from one house to another as you move to someplaceView full post »

Peach Season

It’s peach season ~ there is nothing better than eating a warm tree-ripened peach.  Just one of the perks forView full post »

Studio Packing Begins

Might as well begin with this windowsill and move my way around the room.  Those hands are old rubber glove molds fromView full post »

On The Run

On the run.  Back and forth.  Wrap, Pack, Deliver, Unpack ~ repeat. Reinforcements arrive tomorrow 🙂 ~KView full post »

The Compound

The Compound has sold. Took this shot yesterday morning.  I’m cleaning closets, sorting, wrapping, packing,View full post »

A Burst of Summer

This was great fun to paint ~ the most fun I’ve had pushing pixels around in a long time.  Getting the feel ofView full post »

Camogli Marina

I’m still sorting through images from our last trip.  This is the marina in Camogli, Liguria, Italy.  Way outView full post »

Down Which Alley?

Walking, walking, more walking ~ I could have walked forever ~ I loved it all.  Down this alley, up the next, stoppingView full post »