Monthly Archives: February 2014

It’s Raining ~

Rain Hats ~ Revel, France ~ shoppers heading home from the bakery with something wonderful in that box! When I was aView full post »

Near Sorèze, France

I have “painted” this image previously, but never really did it justice.  I have learned a bit more sinceView full post »

The Tulip Parade

Breeze ~ The Tulip Parade begins as I work my way through the images of spring tulips.  Have I mentioned that I haveView full post »

These are For You!

I know winter has been cold ~ it has been long ~ and even perhaps a bit unkind.  So these are for you today. ~KView full post »

When Spring is Hard to Wait For ~

This is for those of you who have had snow, those of you who still have snow, and those of you who are tired of theView full post »

Explorations in Creativity

I have been focused on painting, Corel, classes, digital brushes, digital papers, and brush categories for quite someView full post »

The Take-Home Package

As you can see from all the images on Facebook that everyone was quite prolific in the workshop.  I am so proud ofView full post »

Practice ~ a little warm up

Yeah, I’m in love with these colors! ~KView full post »

WorkShop Weekend ~

Ready for some fun?  I am! Here’s where we will be working: See you soon! ~KView full post »

Upcoming Workshop(s)

This week I am putting the final touches on information for the workshop which begins Friday February 7th ~ this oneView full post »