A Day in San Francisco


DH and I spent an afternoon in the city yesterday ~ we went in to see the Vivian Maier Movie at the Clay Theater on Fillmore Street.  I really enjoyed the movie since I have been curious about her and her life ever since the story emerged.  Lots of little-known facts about Vivian were disclosed.

Caught this window washer up higher than I would wish to be.


These lovely ladies were snapped from the top level of the parking garage just around the corner from the theater.  Unfortunately these beautiful homes have a view of a medical facility and a parking garage.

A vintage car parade was crossing Mission Street as we headed out of town.  I managed to catch a few as they crossed in front of us.


All in all, a fun day out.

Hope your weekend was wonderful and your week kicks off to a great start!  The new roof project continues here for two more weeks.  At least there is no rain in sight!


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