A Little Time Away Never Hurts


A break. Time away. A little inspiration. A new outlook. A change of venue. A stolen day or two to focus on what you wish to do. A glimpse of something that set a tiny spark. Hope your weekend included some of the same. It is needed sometimes, don’t you agree? How and where do you find inspiration when it seems to be lacking? What do you do to jump-start the inspiration needed in your daily work?



Original image provided by my friend Pilar Montes.  I have admired her still life works for several years. Her work always inspires. Lucky me ~ she has granted permission for me to use some of her images for a little practice paint work.

I have taken a short break from Facebook to find some inspiration of my own. I will return soon. Until then, let me know how you continually feed your soul, how you find your inspiration, and what makes you paint! What spurs you to paint what you paint?

Still life work is wonderful ~ using the camera to capture a set-up, focusing on the composition, and following through with the painting. I think it began when Emily gave me a half-dozen eggs from her chickens.


I was thrilled to set up this composition in my studio on a white sheet in natural light and follow it through to completion. Emily’s eggs. Emma’s bowl. Emma is Emily’s great grandmother who also raised chickens. Although, Emma had so many chickens that she could not possibly name them all. . .

I enjoyed slowing down to paint Pilar’s 3 tomatoes on a linen towel, giving it the time it deserved. Help me out here, let me know how you find your inspiration when and if it is ever lacking . . .



  • September 7, 2015 - 1:03 am

    Karen Burns - Time Away and Finding InspirationReplyCancel

  • September 9, 2015 - 3:31 pm

    Barbara Roth - Wow Karen, your blog and website are awesome! I just found the link to them on Facebook. You inspire me and Have you realized we are both in our tomato paint period?ReplyCancel

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