Across the Pond

A blending of several things ~ a pond, bare branches from my yard last year, bird brushes, textures, and digital paint.  I’m tired of working in a temporary space ~ just feeling claustrophobic where I work.  The light isn’t right, the windows place too much glare on the screen, it is difficult to swivel my chair, I’m forever knocking things on the floor because of the tight space (it is the kitchen, after all!), so I’m just grumbling here  a bit about it all.

I find it difficult to focus on anything much new, most likely because I’ve not been out with the camera (last weekend excluded from that comment) ~ at any rate, I find myself looking though older works, especially fall and winter work because that is the season that inspires me.

The new mantle and shelves are stained ~ the flat sealant is next.  Then more paint to cover everyone’s mistakes while installing, grouting, staining, and sealing.  Most likely a few things will be moved into the office before the flooring comes, simply because these things need to find a place to live .  The clutter of things not where they belong still drives me crazy.  I can’t seem to get away from it, being here for the workers to get in and out.

Enough grumbling ~ a somewhat normal routine should return sometime within the next 5 weeks ~ AGH!

If you read this, thank you for listening 🙂


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