After The Parade


After the parade, the banners still waved.  The village was quieter and everyone went home.  Every little town and village in Ireland has a St. Patrick’s Day Parade!  Snapped this as we were leaving Limerick.

But I must show you the BEFORE image:


Quite a difference, yes?  I used the new Perspective Warp tool in PhotoShop to give a new and different perspective of this scene.  I liked the curve of the road to the left and wanted to emphasize that more.  The Perspective Warp tool does the trick!  It actually changes the perspective of the image as if the photographer moved to get a different shot.  It gives a different view and gave me more of the curve I was looking for.  It changed the shape of the buildings up front, but I was aiming for an image to paint ~ that distortion did not bother me.  I used the tool in a very exaggerated way here, but it works like magic on more subtle changes as well.

Try it:  How to Adjust Perspective in a Photo  What this technology can do, blew me away!


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