Baked Goods


Some places just intrigue me.  I know that some fabulous breads must surely have been baked here in decades past.  Obviously, no longer, but I still wish I could have seen inside.  This Boulangerie intrigued me when I first saw it several years ago and it still intrigued me when I found it again in Carcassonne, France, last month.  It looks virtually the same.  Perhaps the wood is a bit more weathered on those shutters, but all in all it is holding it’s own.

I’m up to my elbows in muffin batter and cake fixings in preparations for The Bridal Shower Weekend.  Doing a bit of baking of my own for the weekend long bridal party that begins tomorrow with the arrival of the girls.  I say girls, but I do mean women.   It begins with dinner out to one of Emily’s favorite local restaurants and ends with a farewell breakfast on Sunday morning.  Sunday’s breakfast will be  home made English Muffins, no less.   Lots will happen in between, but since she reads my blog on occasion, I’ll not mention the details now.

Let’s just say that she will be pleased that nothing was ordered from the Abandoned Boulangerie.

Hoping you have a delicious weekend.


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