A whole New Year waits for you, stretching out in front of you. Mine is ending in a wintery wonderland in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since Fall comes late here and Spring comes early, time away in the snow is wonderful! I hope your year is ending on a good note and that the coming New Year will bring you and yours the best life has to offer. I can describe my 2016 with a few words: Luck, Randomness, Chaos, Choice, and Chance.  All good things, I think. I hope 2017 offers me more of the same. Of course, with a bit of Adventure tossed in for good measure.

A few images taken last week while at Donner Lake.

While I will be waiting for Spring, I’m in no hurry.

Stay warm. Stay dry. Sip something hot. Pull those boots on. Grab the mittens. Don’t forget your camera. And enjoy!


Playing around with digital watercolor in Photoshop, trying new paper textures, and liking some of the experimentation. This is a scene from Sorrento, Italy, and it has been painted several different ways since capturing the view down this alley. sorrento-alley-watercolor

A few more examples are shown here:


Perhaps it looks too precise for traditional watercolor, but fun to experiment nonetheless.  If you have any citrisolve textures they seem to work really well for the watercolor look.


Hope to have this Photoshop tutorial up in the shop soon. Just trying to keep you busy over the holidays!

Enjoy the season.




While I would love to say that I was trying to be creative and artistic, it just isn’t so. These Fall shots had me laughing while downloading a few weeks ago. I do realize that it appears that I had been rolling down hills with camera in hand. Enjoy these “bloopers” and don’t expect me to explain how I created them.


Hope your Thanksgiving was full of good times with those you care about.

Thanks for stopping by.



I walk. I walk every day. Most days I walk for exercise. Other days I walk for the pleasure of walking. Fall is my favorite time to walk outdoors in the woods on leafy pathways. Fall has a different rhythm, a different feel from other seasons. It seems to have a slower pace as nature gets ready for Winter.





I am a bit smitten with all the colors of Fall ~ they arrive here so late and I wish they would stay longer. The bold reds, oranges, and coppery hues and lighter, pale yellows that dance in the whisper of a breeze.


My habit is to pick things up ~ leaves, acorns, twigs. Probably comes from having had empty cigar boxes for treasures when I was a kid.

Collected from Daily Walk

Come on. Grab a sweatshirt. Grab your camera. Let’s go for a walk. . .



The backyard maples are changing or else they are getting sunburnt. The calendar says Fall, but the days still say summer. Summer is hanging on and lingering a bit too long for my taste. I’m ready for cooler temps, crunchy walking in the woods, pulling on that favorite flannel shirt, making soup, and sitting by the fire. The days are still warm in the mountains, too, but the nights are much cooler there. This time of year always seems perfect for getting out there with the camera to capture the changing season.


A few roadside rose hips from a morning walk at Donner Lake.


And some tiny blues, could be flax or just a weed, I’m not sure.


The beginning of the season takes us up to the orchards at Apple Hill in Placerville, too. Gravensteins here = future pies or muffins.


Even the coffee tastes better with a chill in the air.

I look forward to greeting October. . . what do you love about Fall? What do you look forward to as the season changes?