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The Tulip Parade

Breeze ~ The Tulip Parade begins as I work my way

These are For You!

I know winter has been cold ~ it has been long ~ and

When Spring is Hard to Wait For ~

This is for those of you who have had snow, those of

Painting Sunflowers

Join us in Durfort ~ come paint the sunflowers in the

Daily Walk

Yes, I barely had time to squeeze in a walk ~ the rose

Just One ~

Just one big bloom ~ Only 15 layers in PhotoShop to

Garden Companions

Echinacea and Oregano ~ This one gave me lots of

Susies in the Sun

I couldn’t stand it one more minute ~ I took a

A Burst of Summer

This was great fun to paint ~ the most fun I’ve

And Now, Something Different

I had a lovely single stem of a Coneflower bloom.  I

Face the Sun

These beautiful days it is easy to face the sun ~ just