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Tiny Treasure

A tiny vintage sewing machine. A child’s toy

Particle Brushes, Palette Knives, and Paint

I am so happy when I am learning new things and have

Vintage Autos

A few weeks ago while we were driving in the city

Vide Greniers

Vide Greniers, the flea markets!  When foot traffic

The Farmstead Ford

While in Napa, California, with my daughter we

Pedaling the Picnic

Springtime ~ what a lovely word!  Pack up a picnic,

A Day in San Francisco

DH and I spent an afternoon in the city yesterday ~

It’s Raining ~

Rain Hats ~ Revel, France ~ shoppers heading home

Near Sorèze, France

I have “painted” this image previously,

The Mason Jar

I tend to use Mason jars for quite a few things ~

Sunny Weather

I’ve got that summery feeling with the weather