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Making Biscuits – Food Photography

I just finished reading A Painted House by John

Why I Shoot with the Sony A7RII

I love my woodsy walks. I enjoy walking here in any

Rambling Thoughts on Changing Direction

Rambling Thoughts on Changing Direction (Things you

The Kitchen Series

The Kitchen Series continued after painting that

New Year ~ New Direction

Working away on new things, always testing, pushing,

A Bit of Watercolor

Playing around with digital watercolor in Photoshop,

Black Ash Baskets

Many moons ago I was considered a basket maker. Here

The Studio Space

Which is really just a room in the house ~ but a room

Centennial Farm

Take a quick tour, inside and out . . . The floor is

Slightly Obsessed

I seem to be slightly obsessed with Still Life work

Where is the spark, the creativity?

Sometime you loose your mojo, your spark, your

A Whole New Year

Before you decide where it will take you, decide

Five New Works

Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners Mandarins Remains From the

Cookie Cutters

Raising a child with disabilities you need to adapt.

Still Life Before and After

Remains from the garden ~ not much left out there.