Daily Walk

Yes, I barely had time to squeeze in a walk ~ the rose hips this year are beautiful, so lush and brilliant.  I even find beauty in decay as shown by this spent rose still attached to the rose hip.  Autumn comes just in time, doesn’t it?  Just when we need a cooler breeze or a bit of rain ~ it sort of soothes me.


I do welcome the change of seasons.  New place still undergoing a bit of work.  The electrician needs to finish and there are a few issues for the tech guy ~ something about wires, LOL.  Some fogged windows need replacing.  But really, it’s almost “there”.  I spent some time this week painting window sills to freshen up ~ there was damage to cover with paint from removing some shutters.  And the garage needs a coat of paint, but it will all get done, no doubt.

Today was a “paint” day and I had a great time making a mess.  Love using the palette knife!  Nine pieces were delivered to Bushnell Gardens Home Shop for Fall.  Tomorrow I should hear the jury selection for Blue Line Arts Lotto Show coming up.  Then next week I hang 10 pieces for the Auburn Art Walk  ~ my first time at this event.  And I’m off to Berkeley on Saturday to deliver 5 new pieces to the ACCI Gallery.  THEN I will relax a bit for the season!

If you are near any of these venues, please stop by ~ would love to see you.


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