Fall Pomegranates


The fruits of Autumn ~ I love the reds of pomegranates.  I remember seeing them for the first time and loved to use them for display in wooden troughs.  A few years later I learned that the seeds were edible (these things did not grow in any parts of the country I lived in previously).  Then I learned the best way to get the seeds out is to break them open in a large bowl filled with water ~ breaking them open underwater kept the red juice from going everywhere.  It also lets the white portions float to the top making it easy to scoop out and discard.  The seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl, easily removed by straining the water away.

I still use them for display, sometimes drying them ~ they turn a deep brownish red and are beautiful when polished.  But now I use the seeds on top of oatmeal or in rice dishes.  And I also like to paint them.  We’ve just moved and left our pomegranate tree behind, so I’ll need to look for a few at the market.

A very gentle rain this morning ~ wonderfully cool, too.


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