Jack Be Little


Sprucing up the back porch, these Jack-Be-Little pumpkins now sit on top of the green candle stands.  Trying to get back into the painting mode, so gave them a “go”.  It does not happen very often, but this time the image just came together with the right textures.

Hope to get out tomorrow to the Farmer’s Market.  Since I do not have a garden this year I need to scout out some unusual pumpkins, gourds, and squash.  I used to grow a different variety of pumpkin each year.  The best year I had was growing Cinderella pumpkins, the big squat tannish brownish ones ~ they were huge and beautiful!  What’s your favorite pumpkin?  I also like the Kabocha squash ~ how about you?  I love the nubby dark green skins and they taste wonderful roasted in the oven.  I’ll try to post a picture when I have my little display all ready for the season!

Until then, I’m waiting for leaves to begin changing color.  Fall is slow to arrive here.

Have a great Sunday.



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