More Information on France


My workflow is not everyone’s workflow.  I tend to do what works for me.  This may not be how other people work, but I am happy to teach how I do what I do.  If you have signed up for the wonderful excursion to France, I have images and tutorials to share with you.  These can be downloaded along with textures that I will provide prior to the trip.  I will also give you information on where to find some new brushes on the web.  And I will be supplying you with a brush category that I have created.  You will see how easy it is to install brushes into Corel Painter X3.

While this trip is to learn more about processing images you take as well as dipping into the painterly aspects to showcase your images in a more artistic way,  I want you to capture the FEEL of Southern France and not fret over the technical elements of creating.  You will be able to capture the memory of places and push the images beyond what the camera shows.

Before you travel for class, open a blank canvas, pick your favorite colors and experiment with as many brushes as you can ~ create an abstract of brushwork.  Save this creation as a .rif file and as a .jpg file.  You can open it in PhotoShop later and use it as a texture or a background for other work.

We will start with a sample lesson plan ~ an image that we will all work on to learn the ins and outs of Corel.  Tutorials will be provided in PDF format, easily downloaded.  After exploring areas with your cameras, we will look at your own images and work from those.  I’ll be showing you painting demos, the difference between clone and quick clone, how to create your own canvas textures, and progressing to painting with color all the while being inspired by the beauty around you.

If you have any questions about class content, please let me know.


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