Rambling thoughts.  Musings.  Contemplations.  Heavy thinking.  Do these ever bog you down?  They make me feel sluggish.  I took some time away, and it was wonderful.  I spent a few days in Mill Valley where the misty fog came down the hills and hung over the town for entire days, not just minutes.  I put my feet up and enjoyed the moment.  I mostly hung out at a The Depot Cafe, which is a coffee shop/bakery/book store.  But not any book store.  An old fashioned one with just a few titles on the shelves, but they were local authors and delights.  It was a “local” hangout and honestly, if I had a few more days I would have fit right in.  I bought real books, not the iPad kind!  Wonderful poetry by Marcene Gandolfo.  Nichole Renee if you are reading this, I do recommend her work to you. . . friend to friend. . . After purchasing her poetry I was delighted to read that she lives nearby and teaches at  Sacramento City College.

I also purchased MARY COIN by Marisa Silver ~ Dorothea Lange’s MIGRANT MOTHER photograph is on the cover.  I’m almost ready to jump into that one.  And THE SWEET LIFE IN PARIS by David Lebovitz ~ of course!  Did I mention that I’m taking French Lessons?  I actually retained all of lessons one and two, but lesson three will need much more concentration!!

Morning walks in the foggy mist, a nice respite from the heat we have here, then a quick bite a shower and more walking to discover hidden gems in this charming town.  I’ll admit I was disappointed that the Tyler Florence Kitchen Shop was not open.  It was under renovations for his new Test Kitchen.  He always had a back room with shelves full of cookbooks and big leather sofas to curl up on and read through the volumes of recipes at hand.  And the charming French Bakery was closed for the entire summer!  But, oh well, I quickly got over it and found my niche at the Depot.

There is so much goodness happening around me ~ my daughter’s wedding is only a bit over 5 weeks away. . . we had wedding dress fittings and dinners out and some great time together before returning to the hustle and bustle of the everyday.

But being away and having some down time is causing me to “pull back” a bit.  I need it.  I need to spend less time with the internet and more time with life.  I need to gather new energy and prepare for what may be around the next corner.  You know what I’m talking about ~ getting a plan for teaching and sharing what I do.  It is hard to plan for the next phase and still create.  I’ll do my best.  I’ll keep you posted here.  But I may be a little less “out there”. . .

Hoping your summer is fabulous and full and that you can slow down enough to read a non iPad book LOL!

Stay tuned, there will always be more. . . OH, I also joined Instagram ~ you can find me at PaintedWorks!  Yes, I know I was just talking about being “out there” a little less, but it is quick and easy and kinda fun.  Perhaps the novelty will wear off soon, I don’t know. . .

Till next time,



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