New Year ~ New Adventure

The new year presented an opportunity to travel to St. George, Utah, visiting Mike and Lynn Burns at their amazing place at The Inn at Entrada. Grand views and vistas galore! I had one very happy camera. The first afternoon gave us excellent skies to accompany the landscape. This is an area where a wide angle lens is just not wide enough to capture the open spaces of the high desert in winter.

The weather was cold, but not uncomfortable for hiking. Above, the view at the area in Zion which led to The Narrows. The skies were grey and offset the colors of the bluffs. Snow at higher elevations, but nothing to keep us from doing a bit of exploring. It will be great to return here some time and do more hiking.

A short hike near Kayenta Canyon Trail, we chose to hike down in the dry creek bed. I thought it would be clay and stick to my boots, but the orange dirt is sandy just like beach sand. The creek bed is littered with rocks of all sizes and could be an ankle-turner unless you watch where you are going. Way up ahead, farther than I hiked, is a slot canyon where the light shines down into a slot. I have seen pictures and images of slot canyons which intrigue me, so I do hope to see them for myself some day.

This was my first shot entering into Snow Canyon. It was very late afternoon and the clouds were amazing. I love the light on these magnificent bluffs.

Snow Canyon is named after early Mormon settlers Lorenzo and Erastus Snow. It was designated as a Utah State Park in 1958.

Two canyons, West Canyon and Snow Canyon, begin side-by-side at the north gouging deeply into the sandstone of the Red Mountains, each canyon then running southward, slowly converging then finally meeting in the middle of the park.

Layer after layer, this image is from Snow Canyon. Again, the clouds were perfect for the late afternoon shooting.

Steps heading down to the creek bed near Weeping Rock Trail Head.

Small Stream in front of these bluffs, very easy walking. There is a foot path that runs along this stream.

Coming out of Snow Canyon, just as the sun was setting ~

The view of Snow Canyon right outside Mike and Lynn Burns’ home at The Inn at Entrada ~ many thanks for a few days of visiting, hiking, and shooting.

Perhaps a great destination for PhotoPaintWork ~ who wants to join us? There are many short, easy hikes in flat areas, some only a mile that you can drive right up to. Wouldn’t you like to point your camera at some of these vistas? Great roads to drive through the State Parks (Snow Canyon State Park and Zion State Park) with many pull offs and parking areas to wander a bit without any climbing. As our trip was short, we didn’t do much hiking. None of these images were difficult to get to.

The day we flew home it snowed in St. George, which is a rare occurrence. I think winter is a perfect time to be in the high desert ~ summers can be brutal.

Many more images to sort through, I was a bit trigger-happy.





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