Oh, the Markets . . .

To and From

When it is market day in any village everyone turns out with their carts and bags.  Most people walk to the market or ride their bicycles.  A few drive.  They gather for coffee with friends, select the best produce, wander through the flowers, have a bite to eat and then head home with purchases.  Such a nice alternative to going to a supermarket!  It has always been my dream to live where I could take my basket, walk to the market, and buy just what we needed to eat that day.  The farmer’s markets offer an abundance of lively color, the freshest foods, and much chatter between those who only visit on market day.  The flea markets, the Vide Greniers, offer some of the same interactions except that there is a bit of negotiating for treasures.  Yes, there are treasures if you are willing to look beyond the trash!

Come, take a mini tour with me here ~ this is market day in Revel, France.  Every Saturday.

Sworn to be the BEST garlic ~ from the Pyrenees


Even if you do not like bread, it is hard to resist in France


The cheeses are beyond fabulous.  I love “cow girl creamery” but these are far beyond what I can get at home.


Believe it or not, there is a “meat boutique”


Each one is approximately 5″ across


This just screams springtime to me


The wonderful flower vendor


Time for a cappuccino


Then a much needed rest before heading home


I will share the flea markets soon.  Just look at the fabulous street stones in the above image!

Enjoy your weekend.  Perhaps it will include a Farmer’s Market in your area.



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