I like to organize.  I like things in their place, simply because I will know where to find them if I always put them back where they  belong.  My goal this weekend was to organize the studio space so it begins with spray painting this fabulous vintage rolling cart.  See those coffee sticks on the right sticking out of the yogurt container?  I use those to mix and stir dabs of paint on the palette.



Isn’t this cart great?  I spray painted it Apple Green to match my rolling tractor seat stools which work amazingly well on these floors.  I like to spray paint.  It is quick and fairly easy.  The last time I spray painted a project I got paint on my tennis shoes.  Thinking I was being clever, I worked on this barefooted, which is why my feet are now apple green.  Live and learn.



Desktop workspace.  I have a large wacom cintique screen on the left and my monitor on the right.  Vintage shutter hanging to the right.  Vintage rubber glove molds on the top shelf waving at you.



Shelves above the work desk.  Colorful notebooks are classes I have taken ~ I keep the info handy for reference.  Inspiration images hang from the clips on the chain.



Holes are drilled directly into the scarred worktable.  I like to have them nearby when I’m ready to wrap a canvas or cut canvas as it comes out of the printer.  Those hand-made hammers were purchased at a flea market in Paris.



An old kitchen cupboard used for office supplies.  Staples, paperclips, etc., in the small drawers and business cards behind the glass-front doors.  The bottom dowel rod was originally for hanging up your kitchen towel, but it is repurposed here for ribbon and string used to tie mini moo cards as labels to the hanging wires of prints.  Two of my original oil paintings hang above the cabinet which is topped with the cow bells I purchased in France.  Of course, I need my drill charged and ready.



And the print that my family gave me for my birthday ~ yes, that is a Vivian Maier image!!  Not exactly where it will hang, so I am trying it out in different places in the studio.  Looking fondly at the print are two “shutter dogs” from France.  I loved them holding shutters open, so I just had to have a pair of my own.



Isn’t she sweet?  Love her little hat and her tiny bouquet.

Now all I need to do is clean off the table top and get to work!  How do you organize all of your “stuff”?  Do you like cubbies and drawers or baskets and boxes?  Do you have inspiration hanging all around you or tucked away in books?   Do you use mason jars and tea tins for pencils, brushes, and markers or do you like them stored flat?





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