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Mixed Media ~ it’s where I began. I still do mixed media work with wet paints, papers, and mediums ~ just less often. Lately I’ve missed things like newsprint, text, papers, fonts, and scratches. I am not a pristine painter, so I’m going back to them, looking at how Corel Painter can help me achieve some of the results that I’m looking for. It can be done! The more exploration into Corel Painter the better! Corel Painter allows me to create in new ways and helps me emulate the wet paint look in digital work.

Table for One

I find that I want those bold brush strokes mixed with the cracks, the crackle, the papers, and all the scratches.  I think it helps me tell the story. I’m always drawn to vintage text and papers, and being lucky enough to travel to other countries to collect papers at flea markets is a bonus!

Heading into the Market, Revel, France

In an effort to move forward with this, some new textures are “in the works” and being tested.  I’ll be sharing some of the techniques and textures soon perhaps in a quick Paint Works Projects format over at PhotoPaintWorks.


Texture sample, shown above.  A small canvas painted black, a thin coat of venetian plaster added, and lots of scratches applied into the wet plaster. It is getting me closer and closer to the results I’m looking for. This one, still wet was photographed this morning. Stay tuned. . .


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