Painting in Corel


Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the brushes in Corel Painter X3?  Nothing better for me than spending time with those digital brushes working on a digital canvas.  This is a detail from a much larger image ~ boats in the marina in Camogli, Italy, on the Cinque Terre Coast.  I just cannot get these brush strokes in PhotoShop, which is why I began playing in Corel Painter a few years ago.  Yes, I’ve stumbled my way along, but am liking the results of late.  Here is the full size painting:


What do you want to learn this year?  Corel Painter?  If so, what would you like to see in the way of lessons?  What questions do you have?  What type of format would you like to learn from?  I am hoping to get a few people to spend a few days with me in my studio ~ who wants to travel to Northern California?  (we don’t have snow, if that influences your decision LOL)


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