Painting Landscapes

After spending the month of June on still life works I’ve switched to landscapes for the month of July. It is sort of nice sticking to a plan and maintaining a focus while learning more. In the process, new digital brushes have been created to help obtain the results you see here. And, of course, this went through some “ugly stages” along the way.

I really planned to show more of the stages, but after saving the first two I was totally caught up in the painting. The first stage is my very basic sketch on a separate layer above the underpainting. This is the part where you just get some color on the canvas:

The streaks you see are from the chosen paper texture, one of my own called Burlap. The next stage is still an “ugly” stage, but the underpainting is blended, smoothing out some of the paper texture:

Now the fun begins, painting on layers between the underpainting and the sketch, turning the basic sketch off and on as needed and building up layers for each area. Sky first, horizon, the meadow, the fence row, the foreground, but often jumping back to other layers for touch ups, additions, and corrections. For me, there is always a bit more work in Photoshop, but all the brushwork you see here was done in Corel Painter 2018. After a slight crop at the bottom, this is my final painting:

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