Poppy Seed Heads meet the Burnside35

I’ve amused myself greatly with these tiny poppy seed heads. This image takes on an other-worldly, underwater look with some creative processing. They are small, each seed head is approximately 3/8″. Who knew that these dried seed heads could look like this? And, yes, I’m still talking about the newest Lensbaby Lens: The Burnside35. It seems to be the lens of choice for me lately.

Just for perspective of size, here are a few stems tucked into a spool of thread. It seemed to be the perfect vase to showcase these fragile seed heads. The focus with the Burnside35 lens is wonderful. Sharp. Crisp. Clear. Yet it gives a subtle creative blur to other areas.

See what I mean about the focus? While not as colorful as floral images, these hold my attention. The in-camera vignetting slider is just over-the-top! You control how little or how much vignetting to add while you shoot.

The creative blur makes these few stems stand out. The seeds heads in the back are tucked into a matchstick holder. I’d add macro photography to the list of things that this lens can do.

The petzval-like swirl in the background is just another thing this lens can do.

I’m happy with camera in hand and, for now, the Burnside35 will stay on the camera. It helps me slow down and shoot with intention. ┬áSo I’ve not minded these past rainy/wintery days at all. Well, except for the flat tire in the rain yesterday.

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