When I procrastinate I tidy up. I rearrange. I move things around. Sometimes I move them back. Then I find another area to tidy up. At this very moment all of my kitchen drawers are neat and tidy. However, the studio space is a mess!!

I recently read a book by Steven Pressfield. Well, two books actually. The first was The War of Art. It told me why I procrastinate and how I can avoid it. Quite helpful, actually. His follow-up book Do The Work was good too.

We all put things off, avoid things, procrastinate. It seems to happen when we hit our stride, put ourselves out there, take a step in a new direction. Doubt creeps in. We question ourselves. Then the creative block follows right behind our doubts.

Its a good read for creatives, if nothing more than to get you thinking. After all, the biggest roadblocks are in our minds. We create our own obstacles. Some days I just need to get out of my own way. Just show up in the studio. Just do the work. Reading about the work you want to do, researching about the work you want to do, thinking about the work you want to do, and making lists about the work you want to do just will not get the work done. This I know. From experience.

Even if I know why I procrastinate, I suppose I will continue to tidy up.




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