Rambling Thoughts on Changing Direction

Rambling Thoughts on Changing Direction (Things you probably already know)

To coin a phrase used by a friend in her recent blog, “that invisible tap on the shoulder” comes along once in a while. You just need to be open to it. You have probably felt it. It may be what got you to where you are now. I find that when creating becomes stale and my enthusiasm takes a vacation, I listen for that tap on the shoulder. It might set me in a new direction or lead me down a different path. I can’t ignore it so I continue to explore. These departures along the way often give me new insight, a better outlook, new inspiration, and hopefully some new skills.

I suppose it is what we must do to keep things fresh and continue evolving in our art. I know it helps keep me motivated. It has to come from within not from any outside source. I’ve found that I learn best by finding my own path.

These ramblings were prompted by others asking me why I’m not creating digital art or teaching Corel Painter anymore. Big Questions!!  As co-founder of PhotoPaintWorks along with Marie Otero we have taught many students the ins and outs of Corel Painter and Photoshop. We have produced video tutorials, on-line classes, created digital brushes for Corel Painter’s own shop as well as ours, created paper textures, nozzles, paper libraries, flow map libraries, Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop brushes, design templates, free “how to” videos, held workshops throughout the United States and in Europe, and much more. In some regards I feel that I have “mastered” what I set out to do in Corel Painter.

So when that little tap on the shoulder came I felt it was time to (once again) mix things up a bit. It does not mean that I will not evolve back around to teaching in Corel Painter. Because, if I do, all the diversions taken will surely be an asset no matter the medium. Traditional paint? Digital paint? Does it matter?

For now I’m just on Creative Sabbatical. . .

Please share your thoughts.


Digital landscape at the top. Tradition oil landscape at the bottom.

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