Sunny Days

Could winter possibly be over? The sun coming in through the windows warms things up nicely. If you follow my blog you know that there is “the kitchen that is not a kitchen”. It is where I have been shooting the Still Life Food images. Well, this is “the window that is not a window”. A week or so ago I purchased an old window pane and have been testing it out in different places in the house. I finally settled on an upstairs window where I can set this window on the existing window sill. I wanted a real sky on the other side of the glass – not a texture, not a backdrop, but a real view. So, while this may not be much of a view, it is looking down into the backyard with trees in the background. It suits me fine adding lots of light.

While I like shooting the darker, moodier Still Life Food images, this window is perfect for those lighter shoots for sunny days.

If you are inclined to join us for our first Still Life/Food Photography Workshop in April, we will be working with baked goods, fresh produce, flowers, lighting, backdrops, camera settings, shooting surfaces, props, and sunny widows. You can find the details here: Still Life/Food Photography Workshop  Marie and I look forward to welcoming you to the studio space which includes the prop room!

I do hope you have sunshine this week and that your snow shoveling days are dwindling! Daffodils are blooming here.



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