Continuing the drive around Lake Tahoe, I snapped this last weekend when we stopped for a snack (blueberry pancakes and home fries ~ I know, all carbs).  The clouds kept changing, so I kept shooting from my seat on the deck outdoors at Zepher Cove.

A bit of play to get to this point ~ converting the image to black and white in LightRoom, a selective color adjustment for blacks in PhotoShop, as well as a curves adjustment.  A blurred gradient was added with an overlay blend mode and masked away through the branches.  Light rays were barely visible, so I made more in PhotoShop and placed them with a blending mode of soft light with a reduced opacity.

Then something new ~ I used the Color Look Up feature and chose Foggy Night set to a reduced opacity.  The Color Look Up feature reminds me of a mini Topaz ReStyle.  There are some interesting effects in there.

Original image:

I must get my camera cleaned soon to avoid those dust specks on images!!

If interested, I’ll post a tutorial on Light Rays ~ or you can google how to make your own.  Then save the file to pull out any time you need some!


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