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Painting Landscapes

After spending the month of June on still life works

A Touch of Autumn

I am just returning from two weeks of travel in Italy

The Colors of Africa

Now that I am home from Tanzania and going through

East Africa, Tanzania

A small parade to start the day.  I must say, this

The Week in Review ~

Just returned from a week along the west coast ~

On-Line Workshops and More

This sunset was taken last night while I lay on the

What Images are Good to Paint?

I am often asked, “what images are good to

Particle Brushes, Palette Knives, and Paint

I am so happy when I am learning new things and have

Thinking of France

Even headed to the local market, it is done with

Japanese Wood Block Prints

The Del Monte Forest created to look like a Japanese

Holiday Lights and Digital Snow

Got your lights up yet?  We never bother with outdoor

Art San Diego 2014

We had a wonderful weekend away visiting William and

What’s New?

What great fun to take Jason Maranto’s Brush

Seasonal Changes

Fall comes late to Northern California and spring