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Eat Local

Spring is trying to grab our attention here. We have

Sunny Days

Could winter possibly be over? The sun coming in

Pears, Paint, Pixels

I’ve been painting pears, looking at pears,

Shooting Stills

I was recently asked to write a short article for

Traditional Media

The time just seemed right to branch out and try

A Little Calm During Chaos

How’s your week? I need a little calm amid the

Still Life Before and After

Remains from the garden ~ not much left out there.

Still Life Work

Still Life work has been calling to me lately. I feel

A Little Time Away Never Hurts

A break. Time away. A little inspiration. A new

New Class ~ Still Life using Oils and Impasto

Ready to learn more about impasto brushes in Corel

Mason Jar a l’ orange

Rainy day + fireplace + cappuccino = Mason Jar a