The Kitchen Series

The Kitchen Series continued after painting that first pear. I’m about ready to move on to other items ~ aren’t you glad?  I’ve painted in much looser styles but I’ve enjoyed the detail and blending in these small sized works. I’ve learned a lot about color mixing, which is one of those things that I could read about, but it didn’t seem to stick in my head unless I was actually mixing paint. Working this way really helped me to see in a new way, examining color more closely.

I’m working on cheap canvas boards because I like the portability. Because they are so inexpensive I’ve no problem throwing the complete duds away. Yes, I could wipe the paint off and re-gesso, but it’s messy so I don’t mind tossing a few out now and then. Hopefully I won’t be putting any more in the bin. And two of the works created this month have already been mailed out to new owners.

It’s a process. I think you will be able to recognize the images here, so scroll down and take a look.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by.


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