Vide Greniers


Vide Greniers, the flea markets!  When foot traffic is light, you catch a snooze.  Mostly dishes here, so I did not wake him up.  Image taken in Durfort, France, the first Saturday of the month.


Lots of wonderful things here.  See that red enamel pitcher behind the bright yellow toy car?  The pitcher came home with me!


I was on the lookout for vintage shutter latches, called “shutter dogs”.  She is so sweet with her little hat and tiny bouquet.  I did not find any while in France, but found a set of this exact shutter dog on Etsy.  They are on the way to me at this very moment.  She also has a delightful profile.


These chairs would be perfect around an outdoor table.  But, no, not for me. . . .


Here are a few of my “finds”.  The red enamel pitcher which just might be supporting a handful of paintbrushes soon.  Two cow bells from the Pyrenees that make a lovely tinkling sound.  They are almost 100 years old and I will wire them up to be a wind chime.  One 8 x 10 landscape oil painting for a few euros ~ it cleaned up nicely and will be elevated with a new frame.


Vintage school books with beautiful penmanship and a celluloid case that says 1917 on the back.  I also brought home a doorknocker fashioned after the vintage one shown below.


I have yet to hang it up ~ a little hesitant to drill into my front door, so will need some expert advice on this.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


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