Vintage Autos

Chevy Bel Air

A few weeks ago while we were driving in the city (San Francisco) we spotted a vintage auto parade.  Unfortunately I could only photograph as many as I could while we waited at the stop light.  As soon as the light turned green we had to drive.  I only had time to shoot a couple of these classics.

Chevy Bel Air

But I do have several images of vintage transportation.

The Red Fence

I’m not sure what it is about these “oldies” that attract me.

Vintage Ford

I’m working on a new one now that should be ready in a few days.  I’ll post it soon.

I hope you are enjoying your summer days.  There is a different rhythm to summer ~ it has a quality all it’s own that encourages lazier afternoons.  Take advantage of that, my friends ~ you will be glad you did.  Hmmmm, maybe I need a car wash  . . .



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