Vision ~

Vision is key.  Perspective.  Fresh Eyes.  How you view things.  Looking.  Really looking.  Seeing.

I’m trying to see things fresh and new again.  I think taking a new class opens up new possibilities or re-awakens those possibilities.

This is based on personal experience through my daughter who has Keratoconus.  She is already blind in one eye and has vision difficulties in the other eye.  She has had two cornea transplants and both have failed due to infection.  This art piece came about from this experience.

There is a domed ceiling placed over the eye to represent the 16 stitches required for a cornea transplant.  The background is an art paper I created.  The keys are scanned in and placed with a heavy bevel|embossing as well as a heavy drop shadow.  The branches are images in my yard during the winter when they were bare.  The pool at the bottom is a water brush and surely must represent all the tears cried during this time in our lives.

By creating from a personal experience or idea, I put more soul into it.  I felt it.  I needed to express it.

When staring at that blank canvas on your screen, find something that makes you FEEL.  It could just be a whisper of an idea you have had or a piece of music that you love or lines from a poem you remember.  You might be surprised at the outcome.


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