Woodsy Walks


I walk. I walk every day. Most days I walk for exercise. Other days I walk for the pleasure of walking. Fall is my favorite time to walk outdoors in the woods on leafy pathways. Fall has a different rhythm, a different feel from other seasons. It seems to have a slower pace as nature gets ready for Winter.





I am a bit smitten with all the colors of Fall ~ they arrive here so late and I wish they would stay longer. The bold reds, oranges, and coppery hues and lighter, pale yellows that dance in the whisper of a breeze.


My habit is to pick things up ~ leaves, acorns, twigs. Probably comes from having had empty cigar boxes for treasures when I was a kid.

Collected from Daily Walk

Come on. Grab a sweatshirt. Grab your camera. Let’s go for a walk. . .


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