With the new workshop announced for next February in Pacific Grove, I am working on some landscape images.  I always find these difficult to do because there seems to be so much detail.  I’ve changed the variant a few different ways on the Sargent Brush to help me with the leaves on the trees.  And I’ve made some brushes for some grassy areas, too.  These will be given to students in a new PainterWorkSpace.

For those of you signed up for Charlotte, North Carolina, in October please bring plenty of your own images that we can paint.  You will learn how all of the new textures that Marie Otero and I created can be applied to enhance your painterly works.  This “woodsy” image has a simple paper texture added.  We will show you how you can add “texture only” of a texture without adding the color of the texture, too, as I did in this image.  I wanted to keep the colors strong and only show the paper texture, not the color of the paper.

Until Charlotte, or until Pacific Grove, or until France ~ try all those brushes and get a good feel for how they work.  Make marks on a blank canvas just for the sake of making marks!  You will most likely find some favorite brushes.  And, Jimmy Dagenhart I will try to come up with a “fur” brush for you, but in the meantime use google, everyone ~ there is a wealth of information out there ~ tutorials, brushes, and more!



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